Hurston 10/1

Consider of money and the presence or lack of it–wealth and poverty–on the shape of the story and on the lives of the characters and their personalities?
In this short story, the lack of wealth plays a key role in the relationship between¬† Missie May and Joe. Deception is seen throughout the entire story regarding Missie May, Joe, and Mr. Slemmons. Joe is always teasing his wife with money(coins) to get her attention and Joe always brings her favorite treats. Their relationship seems to be based on the spoilage of Missie May by her husband. When Missie May sleeps with Mr. Slemmons, the wealthy ice cream parlor, her reasoning deals with her deceptive nature for money.¬† Money shapes the relationship between Missie May and Joe. The lack of money shapes Missie May’s personality and the life that Joe must live. Money changed the way the relationship between Missie May and Joe can be perceived and revealed the truth about their relationship.

One thought on “Hurston 10/1”

  1. I agree that money plays an important role in their relationship. Although, money fuels Missie May’s greed for gold, I believe Missie May actually loves Joe and only wants to get gold for Joe to wear even if she had to commit adultery. Missie May had given Joe an idea to get gold, but Joe dismissed that idea. In addition to the fact that she had cried so much when he found out and decided not to walk out of his life, I think Missie May’s love and greed both played a dynamic role in their relationship.

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