Post about “RiP!: A Remix Manifesto”

I think it’s beyond my imagination that how the world will be like without sound. Different kinds of sounds make this world colorful and interesting, and it gives a common way for people to communicate. It reminds me of the time when we were babies, we didn’t know how to tell our parents that we were hungry, we were happy or we want to play. But we were smart to make the “crying” sound, so that we got noticed and cared. Then, we are entering into the adults’ word. We need to talk a lot every day, and we need to bear every sound we hear. Luckily, there is nice sound, like music.

Music is the thing that I liked most when it comes sound. We can listen to music whether we are alone or with a group of people, whether we are in a good mood or bad mood, whether we understand the language or not. It skips the limitations of time, region, culture and gender. People are able to use it to share emotion and create different atmosphere. For example, Starbucks play various music in their stores around the world, though styles and words of those songs are varied, customers can understand what atmosphere Starbucks wants to create through the music’s rhythm and melody. Besides stores, people also play music in various occasions. For instance, people play happy songs when it comes to celebrate festivals, including concerts and orchestra. Music creates a more casual and emotional way for people to speak out and show expressions.

Music is a major category of sound, however, there are other sound in our daily lives that makes us feel we are alive. For example, the sound of wind, air-conditioners, kettles, elevators, alerts of my phone and even the sound that I’m typing my keyboards. I may feel extremely boring and uncomfortable if these sounds disappeared.

It’s quite easy to make a sound, but it’s not easy to make an exciting sound, and it will be more exciting if we remix the normal sound and music together, like laughs and alerts together with b-box.

As mentioned in the movie, with the development of the Internet and technology, more and more interesting works have been created. People used the Internet to share information, which contains their personal emotion and ideas. What upsets is that while bringing out a digital society, it also bringing away our privacy. Creators’ ideas are getting copied and sold without their permission and they have no compensation. It’s necessary for both citizens and the government to realize the importance of privacy management. Workers deserve respect, and we need to behave well to promote those creative ideas spreading and sharing.

I’m in support of the ending words of that film which emphasized people nowadays are collaborators because they change and share things, to put it in a professional way, they do remix. They can create what they want thanks to easier access to the Internet and tons of information. But people are creative now does not suggest that people were passive in the past. I think there were good works of sound in the old time as well. Creators of that time did create them with heart and soul, and they just didn’t use the way called remix. Besides, works of sound at that time might not overflow compared to that of today. Today, one person uses few minutes to get a short video and then it can be called a piece of work. On the contrary, in the time that the Internet didn’t connect all the world, most of the works of sound were coming out with good quality, otherwise it couldn’t spread out. Some of them are still popularly played nowadays.

It’s true that when we follow the trend, like doing remix and digital music, and then we can discover endless fun through them as well as enjoy the benefits of the Internet. I think it would be better if people can treat each remix work seriously, and combine their emotion and stories into the sound they created. It can be amazing that if a work feels alive. I believe that if they do so, listeners can understand stories beyond their works. In this way, we can truly make use of the Internet’s initial function which is share information. Because the information would be worth sharing with emotion.

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