“Shit… I’m waiting for the sun to shine.”

In the film Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese presents several different characters, with different personalities and understanding how their interactions affect one another. One of the quotes that stood out throughout the film is “Shit…I’m waiting for the sun to shine.”  Its a very significant quote because the meaning behind it pretty much identifies with the main character.

Scorsese presents this complex character that isn’t easy to decipher. Coming home from a war that wasn’t agreed with the masses, Bickle returns home trying to find out where he truly belongs and trying to rebuild his life. In this quote “Shit…I’m waiting for the sun to shine.” It presents this ideal way that many people have been thinking. Although in the film, Scorsese presents two different characters that appears to have it all figured out. For example Iris believed that she is meant to be a prostitute and Betsy knew that she wanted to help run a campaign. The fact that they got their lives figured out is great. But what Travis stated that he is waiting for the sun to shine, hes saying that he might be civil in where he is now but it doesn’t mean that he is happy with what life has to offer him now. I believe Scorsese uses this technique to contrast Travis’s “unstable” state of mind to two characters to appear to have it all together.

I think this quote is very true and appropriate for this time period. Presented with constant issues of life changing experiences and the struggle to adapt to constant change, its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Travis Bickle appears to be stuck in this place where he is trying to find where he belongs and although it appears that he has done a lot through his life and appears to have a stable job and life, hes trying to learn how to be happy.