There Will Be Blood (Group 1, Due 10/3)

Instructions: Using the “New Post” function, choose a specific moment from the film There Will Be Blood and write a brief (1-3 paragraph) blog post explaining how the moment reflects how industrialization functions in a specific character’s life. How is the history of industrialization depicted in this film?  Remember to think divergently, and avoid repeating moments that have already been written about. Your group should aim to produce posts about a diverse range of characters, scenes, and topics, so pay attention to what others have posted and choose your moment accordingly.         

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to categorize your post under “There Will Be Blood” (the Categories buttons should be on the lower right) so you can get credit for your post! 


3 thoughts on “There Will Be Blood (Group 1, Due 10/3)

  1. You’re in group 3 (look below). You can check this information under the Course Information Tab on the right hand side of the site

    Group 3
    Dhruv Kothari
    Constantine Kontopirakis
    Sarah Khoja
    Larab Khan
    Makiko Kamei
    Darrell Johnson III
    Jose Jimenez
    Juntao Jiang
    Soyeon Jeong
    Kyle Jean-Pierre
    Ali Javaid
    Felipe Jaramillo Aragon
    Raisa Iqbal
    Wiejiong Huang
    Stephanie Hou
    Alexandra Grady
    Vanessa Gomez
    Scott Godwin

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