The Seventies: Under Control?

“Is the government run by a few big interests looking out for themselves?” The answer in 1964 had been “yes” from 26 percent of those polled; by 1972 the answer was ” yes” from 53 percent of those polled.

During nineteen seventy’s, there was divergence between American government and society. Most people distrust the government especially over half of the lower class people lost their faith of government. People were dissatisfied of what government did to their selves but not citizens. Over half of people think government would more likely care about themselves. And yes. One of the main reasons of this faithful from people was Vietnam War. It was 55,000 injuries and deaths during of this war. Not only that, antiwar people found out that Honeywell Corporation was manufacturing weapons such as “deadly cluster bomb that had riddled thousands of Vietnamese civilians with painful, hard to extricate pellets (541).” According to the voted from Honeywell employees, over three quarters people think that producing those weapon were a miscreancy thing. They felt bad and think those manufacture should stop. Another main scandal of American history made people lose their trust of American government was Watergate. President Nixon tried to cover that ugly new by pass the buck to others. He said that he didn’t indicate anyone to protest the bombing of Cambodia. However, this could not hold. President Nixon resigned. Zinn use those quotes and facts that showed how seventies under control.