Straight-out, simple facts

Tom Grace, The Shooting at Kent State (1970)

” I think the memorial should state: “On May 4, 1970, units of the Ohio National Guard Company H. 107th Armored Cavalry (Troop G) and Company A, 145th Infantry Regiment shot and killed four student protesters and wounded nine others during a demonstration against the U.S. invasion of Cambodia.”  Straight-out, simple facts.”

As a person who experienced the shooting at Kent State and saw the aftermath of it all, the quote shows that he believes it’s best to be straightforward about what occurred on the memorial. The fact that military soldiers, who are suppose to be the protectors and wardens of society, killed four students as well as injuring nine shows corruption in the use of the military and increased emphasis towards politics. The students themselves were trying to convey their thoughts against Nixon’s Cambodia Campaign and despite their freedom of speech, were fired out to subside their demonstration.