Django from Slavery to Capitalism

In my point of view, this film deals with changes in social class and capitalism throughout Django’s life. When Django was captured as a slave, what he had to worry about was his destination as a slave and what he had in his mind was anger to slavery. That is, he did not have any chance to know about where and how slavery came from. However, since he works together with Dr. King Schultz, Django gets to realize that money determines slavery and social class; furthermore, slavery also derives from the capitalism. As he gets to know more and more about how capitalism moves people’s mind, the recognition plays a big role in his life.

Even though there are some scenes that describe the procedures how Django earns money and utilize the money, the most representative scene is when he escapes from cage after he gave up to save his wife. Because he knew that the three guys who transport all the slaves including Django would like easy money by killing the wanted, utilizing their minds, he could have escaped from the cage and had another opportunity to save his wife and revenge all the people who have faith in slavery. Consequently, I believe the director seems to depict that the process that one person knows what money works in the society plays the most important role to break the slavery in the film.