Calvin The Insane Candie

Doesn’t every revenge film need a villain well Calvin Candie was the perfect demonstration of a villain in Quetin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. A man with neither intelligence or morals of Calvin Candie is indeed is a character to look out for.He definitely was not the ordinary slave owner. In the words of Leonardo DiCaprio who portrayed Calvin Candie describes him as “He was one of the most deplorable, indulgent, horrendous characters I’ve ever read in my life.”He was in the Mandingo fighting business in which he forces to male slaves to fight each other to the death. We know Quentin loves to have a bad guy in his films but this is over the edge. I couldn’t help but feel the need to throw up as Calvine feeds one of his fighters to dogs which ripped him to pieces.

The sadistic actions of Calvin Candie leaves viewers with sympathy and pity for each one of his victims. Even in a comical historical fiction the treatment of slaves was still a horrific experience. This film means more than just whites and blacks killing each other. As we took a look into Calvin Candie and other characters we see the mindset of people during that time period. Calvin believed that dimples in a African American skull showed submissiveness which gave him the right to treat blacks the way he did. What a character.  However Django Unchained successfully depicts life in slavery times through multiple characters.