Address to the First Annual Meeting of the American Equal Rights Association (1867)

“It is a good consolation to know that when we have got this battle once fought we shall not be coming to you anymore. You have been having our rights so long, that you think, like  a slave-holder, that you own us. I know that it is hard for one who has held the reins for so long to give up; it cuts like a knife. It will feel all the better when it closes up again.”

Sojourner Truth ever wrote this statement in her letter. She wanted to beg colored men to help them to earn their own rights from the government. During the civil world in 1861, blacks have very important roles in the battle. They helped the government to do reunion. After the civil war, salves gained their freedom, but they had no property, no money and little education. Therefore, they were not really free, so they started to fight for their rights. Eventually, they won, and the 14th amendment gave colored men rights, but not for women. Even women did same things as men did, women have their own abilities to earn money, but they did not have a chance to gain the same rights from the government. Seems this event holds for a long time, women were awake like Sojourner Truth. They implored men to help them fighting for their own rights. They thought they were deserved, because they did most things like men did. Sometimes, they acted like a slave under their husband. They have to work, and sometimes their salaries were took out by men, but they still hoped men will fight for their rights one day.