A True Oilman

The movie “There Will Be Blood” is all about industrialization. More specifically about the oil business and how a certain individual’s life is consumed by this and industrialization as a whole. There is great money in oil plantations and people will go to no end to get what they want. Daniel Plainview is the “oilman” in this film and he is the example of what happened to some people during the times of  industrialization. Daniel is a miner at the beginning that comes across finding oil and a baby that he takes in since the father had died in an accident.  You find out that it wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart that he took the baby boy to only help himself succeed in the oil business. The truth comes out when his “son” H.W. goes deaf in an accident and Daniel just couldn’t deal with it and sent him away. By the end of the movie Daniel is shown as a very cruel heartless man who couldn’t care less about anyone else other than himself and making his money. This overwhelming obsession to  be rich took over this mans life and it just left him with nothing but misery.