“The Eisenhower Doctrine” (1957)


SEC. 4. The President should continue to furnish facilities and military assistance, within the provisions of applicable law and established policies, to the United Nations Emergency Force in the Middle East, with a view to maintaining the truce in that region.



First of all, the Eisenhower Doctrine seems to arise from one of the political methodologies to restrain Communism spreading around the world. As the result, this Doctrine shows how several western countries including Israel perceive the Communism in the Middle East and stop the movement that might affect the Western Europe countries. However, it seems to be that economic conspiracy behind politics.

As the SEC. 4. says, the United Nations led by several western countries needed justifications to set up military basis to restrain the Communism movement in the Middle East since they thought the movement might have invaded into not only western countries but also the United States territories.

Also, after occupying Egypt, which was part of restraining Communism in the Middle East, since Israel refused to withdraw troops from the area that might cause serious confliction between middle east countries and Israel, the Eisenhower Doctrine seems to be a good justification or EXCUSE for the US government to resolve all the political issues at once and set up military facilities in the Middle East.

There are mostly economic benefits based on ideological and political disputes because there is always disputes where people want economic advantages. This Doctrine also seems to be political policy. However, one nation or organization set up in a specific area, which sometimes means they can keep extracting all kinds of resources like oil. Therefore, the Eisenhower Doctrine was also an excuse to invade into Middle East and keep gaining economic advantages.