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The Baby Boom (1946-1964)

Young males returning to the United States, Canada, and Australia following tours of duty overseas during World War II began families, which brought about a significant number of new children into the world. This dramatic increase in the number of births from 1946 to 1964 (1947 to 1966 in Canada and 1946-1961 in Australia) is called the Baby Boom.

In the United States, approximately 79 million babies were born during the Baby Boom. Much of this cohort of nineteen years (1946-1964) grew up with Woodstock, the Vietnam War, and John F. Kennedy as president; thus they had major implications on the social and cultural developments during those decades. Baby Boomers are now middle age and entering senior years. In the economy, many are now retiring and leaving the labor force.

(US birth rate (births per 1000 population)    <U.S.BirthRate.1909.2003.png>

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Baby Boom

The Baby Boom appeared when the soldiers came back to their home from the war. The term “Baby Boom” usually refers to the dramatic post world war ll baby boom between 1946 and 1964. According To Wikipedia, there are an estimated 78.3 million Americans who were born at this time period. You can see the graph on the right side of the post how it grew dramatically in that time period. 

This event is very important because it changes the market and the society. First, the market has greatly impacted by the baby boom because as more babies born, there will be more baby supplies and more hospitals for babies. And as time passes, the baby boomers will grow and the market will lean more into teenager interests such as bags, club, and so on. Finally, when they get older, and become elderly, there will be more nursing homes.

Second, it also chaged our society. As baby boomers became teenagers and young adults, they wanted the society to be changed. There was a movement to get away from conservative 1950’s and eventually resulted in revolutionary ways of thinking and actually changed the hackneyed American life. Boomers’ new ways of thinking affected education, lifestyle, laws and entertainments. Many of revolutionary ideas which began by Baby Boomers are still continuing to develop these days.

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