Adding a Custom Menu to Your Site

Most themes place all of your pages in your blog’s top menu by default, but custom menus allow you to override the default top menu settings of the blog or create secondary navigation sections that you can place in the sidebar with Widgets. You can create menus that will link to any page, post, category, tag, or outside link that you’d like.

These options can be found by clicking the Menus link under Appearance.


Start by giving your menu a name in the “Menu Name” field. Then use the Custom Links, Pages and Categories boxes to create new menu items.

  • Custom Links – This option allows you to create a link to anything on the web. Simply paste the URL from any web page into the “URL” field, then use the “Label” field to give a short designator that will show up in the actual menu, and click the Add to Menu button. You can also use this box to create links to specific posts from your blog, or to all the posts that fall under a specific tag. Just navigate to the item on your blog, copy the URL and paste it in like you would for an external link.
  • Pages – Use the checkboxes to select any page that you’ve created on your blog, and then click the Add to Menu button. The full title of the page will show up in the menu, so you may want to keep your page titles short. (You can also use the “Custom Links” option as a workaround.)
  • Categories – Use the checkboxes to select any category that you’ve added to your blog, then click the Add to Menu button. The title of the category will automatically show up in the menu.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you’re done editing a menu, be sure to click the blue Save Menu button or else your changes will not be saved.

Once you’re done, you can replace the top menu on your blog with your new custom menu by using the “Primary Navigation” dropdown menu in Theme Locations box in the top left corner of the page. You can also go to Widgets and drag your custom menus into any of the available widget locations.


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    Adding a Custom Menu to Your Site

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    Adding a Custom Menu to Your Site

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