Personal Writing Statement

The writings I did in ENG 2100 were a literacy narrative, a rhetorical analysis, and a research argument essay. The one I liked the most was the research argument essay because you can find a topic, write about it, and then make an argument. It feels much more straightforward when compared to the other types of writing. Something that worried me was my organization because I have the habit of writing what comes to mind and then thinking about it. There are times when it can be hard to research a topic because there’s a lot to check for. You have to know if it is a credible website or if the facts are correct and not exaggerated. Another thing that was a problem for me was running out of things to write especially when I needed to reach a word count. After a long period of writing, I tend to lose motivation and it becomes frustrating trying to think of what else I could write. So some goals that I have are to fix my organization and to try to fix my loss of motivation.