Assignment 3 Abstract

What is your research question/rhetorical situation?

How did the pandemic have an impact on people’s mental health?

What is your connection to the rhetorical situation and why are you uniquely placed to write about it?

My connection to this situation is that the pandemic played a huge role in my life and I want to 

Where do you imagine your writing “existing”? (newspaper, magazine, YouTube, personal blog)

I can imagine my writing existing as a magazine.

Who is your target audience?

My target audience is students, parents of students, and teachers.

What form will your writing take? (Research paper, narrative, letter, script.)

My writing will take the form of a research paper.

Why is this form the most effective way to communicate to your target audience?

The reason I chose this way is because this research paper can provide scientific evidence to understand this issue this is.

What is the value you’re trying to impart to your audience?

I want my audience to know the importance of mental health and that everyone can feel the same way.

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