The Electric Walker


The Plastic computerized walker is like a normal walker that had been produced over the years, but the uniqueness of this Plastic computerized walker is that; it’s made of plastic, which replaces the conventional iron ones which can easily hurt elderly people if broken, but the plastic one is soft that even if accidentally broken it won’t pose any danger to grandmother. Since plastic is elastic a bit in nature, it will be obvious to see when it’s weak which might lead to it breaking, grandma seeing this will easily notice and ask for a replacement, and plastic is light in weight, it will be easier for her to carry around.

Another feature that can be seen in this PCW are the buttons which serve like a panic button. Since grandma is slow when typing digits on the phone, these buttons can be very vital in case of emergency. The PCW has buttons with digits which are meant for different purposes. The buttons are from number 1-6, after the product is bought, each button will be programmed to serve different functions, like number 1 might be to call the police or hospital emergency hotline, in which grandma can easily press, and will direct her to the hotline in case of emergency, the number two button might be for the helper pager, to notify the helper when she’s needed wherever she may be. These are the features that differentiate the PCW from other walkers.

This product will potentially help reduce the rate at which my grandmother potentially could falls and in case of emergency, since the Walker will always be close to her, she will be able to call for help easily at her fingertips. This will at least make it easy for her to get whatever she wants without walking about and even if she wants to walk, the plastic nature of the Walker will make it easier for her to walk since it’s light in weight also.

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