Overview of Class Blog

Welcome to the Introduction to Psychology Blog at Baruch College. This Blog is part of an ongoing effort to integrate online technology into your educational experience. In its first phase, we will be using this Blog as a space for student’s of Profs. Sitt and Sapolsky’s Fall 2011 morning class to post “Reflections” on specific topics throughout the semester. Participation is optional and can yield an extra credit boost of 3% towards your final grade.


To be eligible for participation in the blog and receive the extra credit, you must FIRST participate in the “Say Hello!” Blog entry. See the instructions for details about this post.


Requirements for Extra Credit

  1. Students will be divided into three groups (Groups “A”, “B”, and “C”) which will be announced/posted on Blackboard
  2. Each group will be assigned TWO specific Reflections that students need to respond to as follows (Due dates will be announced as the assignments are posted):
  • Group A: Reflection #1 and #4
  • Group B: Reflection #2 and #5
  • Group C: Reflection #3 and #6
  1. Each student will ALSO be required to post at least FOUR comments to other students’ Reflections. While you are encouraged to post multiple comments to the blog, Only ONE comment per Reflection will count at a time. 
  2. Note: The prerequisite “Say Hello” does NOT count towards your required contribution, rather it is a PREREQUISITE for participating in the Extra Credit Blog.
  3. Note: If you miss the opportunity to post for your group’s Reflection, you will NOT be allowed to make up by posting to another group’s Reflection, forfeiting your extra credit eligibility.
  4. Successful completion of the 2 Reflections + 4 Comments will earn you a 3% boost to your final grade, which in many cases will raise you by a half-letter grade (e.g., from B- to B, from A- to A)
  5. If you have any questions regarding our Blog, please e-mail Linell Ajello, a Communication Fellow from the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute who is assisting us with this project. Her email is LAjello@gc.cuny.edu

Be sure to CATEGORIZE your posts. They will NOT show up on the site if you fail to place them in the correct category.


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