About the event:
It would never be “too soon” to start building a strong career. This event will educate you with the most powerful resources offered at Baruch to start building a successful career. Start your college journey ready to build your brightest future. 

Time and date:
Thursday, September 10, 2020
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM 

Event highlights: 

  • This was ISLA’s launching event. Professor Stephanie R. Golob introduces herself and the Initiative for the Study of Latin America’s mission and purpose.
  • The Starr Career Development Center, Fellowship Office, Honors Program, and the Study Abroad Office sent wonderful representatives as speakers to introduce their program, and explain how they will help students build a successful career. Professor Stephanie R. Golob also introduced the Newman and Anita Library and the Writing Center.
  • A handbook named “Primer Cafecito” was sent to students at the end of the event. The handbook is a guide with all the resources offered by ISLA, and at Baruch for career readiness and the study of Latin America. It also includes ISLA’s full-year calendar and a faculty directory.

Watch here: 

Co-sponsor: The Latinx Heritage Month, ASEDOM, Honors Program, Writing Center, Fellowship Office, Newman and Anita Library, LASO, Study Abroad Office, and the Starr Career Development Center.