My idea for my landscape study

What I am hoping to focus on with my landscape study is going to be the area of Central Park which is closer to Spanish Harlem from approximately 86th street closer to the end. I am choosing this area because I went there a few weeks back and it was a beautiful sight to see during the afternoon to early evening. Watching the sun set and all the little birds and squirrels scurry around the newly blossoming trees during the spring while flowers grow. It’s an amazing view especially to capture the essence of what the area makes me feel: A new beginning.

I say a new beginning because of spring and how everything starts to come out as the weather gets better and how even during a pandemic people still want to be out and about for these views. I just want to be able to capture the essence of the Spring season for my classmates and to remember my first pandemic spring outside of my home.

I also have recently been around there more visiting my girlfriend often and walking around and have found some areas that neither of us have seen before in the park that I would like to share as well. Central Park may not specifically tie in with my culture but, it has grown to be a big part of my childhood and my memories over time as I have been there a lot from as far as I can remember. I also want to take the perfect picture of the sunset and cherish some moments just walking through and enjoying the season.