Hello Baruch!

Welcome to my amazing blog of Freshman Seminar journal entries!

My name is Jin Ye. I was born in New York and grew up in Flushing, Queens. I am a first generation Chinese-American. I attended P.S. 20 for elementary school and I.S. 237 for middle school, which housed many wanna-be ghetto people. As a result, I have a mix of a largely Buddhist lifestyle (although I am Atheist) and bits of ability in dealing with people who annoyingly think that they are so cool.

I consider myself to be very nonchalant and tolerant of others. Because of this, I am never easily angered. If people annoy me I tend to shrug it off as human nature. Of course, I do not look down on human being, because I am one myself and I can assure you that I do have good friends. I am not sure what I am trying to get across here actually.

I intend on majoring in Business Administration and management. I feel that I have an innate sense of business, which I inherited from my father. He ran his own little store in China and came to America in the hopes of taking part in the larger business world in New York. Unfortunately, the language barrier prevented that from happening.

My hopes as a college student is mainly in part to gain the leadership experience and communication skills I need to succeed in the world. So far, much of what my professors have told me in regard to this is to follow current events and be able to talk about what is in the news. As of now, college has not hit me entirely yet, but I expect it to challenge me.

For now, I do know much of what the future will hold, but I am certain that I will enjoy the coming years in Baruch!

4 thoughts on “Hello Baruch!”

    I was reading this post with your voice in mind, and it just sounded so chill. I like the way you talk haha. Hopefully you won’t forget me once you’ve made it big in the business world!


  2. Jin,

    I am sorry to hear about your father’s business but I am sure that you can still learn a great deal from him. It’s so nice that you are first-generation. Your culture must be ever-present in your home. Are you bi-lingual?
    College will ‘hit’ you I’m sure. Just keep up with your reading and seize every opportunity to learn.


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