The end of the beginning

So here we are, approaching our last session of Freshman Seminar and I just have to wonder what I took out of it. Upon entering Baruch, the honors classes are given tons of resources and support that I am certainly grateful for. The Community Service Project was the first assignment in which I contacted our librarian, Stephen Francour for research assistance. He showed me how to use the school database more effectively and provided me with useful suggestions on researching information on my not-for-profit organization. The Writing Center has improved a few of my papers and has helped me to clarify my thoughts and ideas in my writing. The STARR center at Baruch also has very interesting programs and workshops that I am interested in taking advantage of. I have not yet joined a club officially, but I have looked at a few; I am, however, looking for to the Business Case Study group that the honors college is starting.

I will definitely utilize all resources mentioned above, and more, to ensure my success at Baruch in the coming years. I expect much more research and many more papers in my remaining years at Baruch, so the library databases and the writing center will come in handy. Despite study resources however, there will be two people who will always be in my mind whenever I need help. Mr. Medina and Maria have been around when I needed them so far and I am ecstatic to have their guidance throughout my college career.

The community service project has reminded me of something that I had forgotten from the horrendous mountains of schoolwork I have been getting for the past five years of my life: responsibility. We are going to be the the next leaders  in our communities, and thus, be role models for the people around us. As honors students, we are expected to be aware and active in our communities. To ensure morality and virtue is victorious against selfishness and capitalism. And also, to teach others what we have learned from this experience.

In the next three years, I will be be defined by what I do outside of schoolwork. I will be the head of whatever club I decide to join. I will have a job or an internship to develop my career path. I will be organizing the national AIDs walk events. I will be signing my John Hancock on the Occupy Wall Street demands (that should have been written already). My opportunities are endless and so are the possibilities for my future. For now, I will dream big and maintain total confidence that I will get to where I need and want to go.

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  1. Jin,

    I hope you reach every dream that you have. You certainly have the potential! I am glad that I have been a help to you this semester. I look forward to seeing you involve yourself in the Baruch community. I might just come to one of the walks you organize.


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