Bryant park

Bryant Park is my one of favorite place in Manhattan. When i arrived in New York from Korea, i didn’t know where to go because it was my first time here. So i searched a little bit on the Internet to find a few places i wanted to look around, and i found Bryant Park. The reason why i chose to go there is not only because there is a famous New York public library, but also there are many places nearby where i can enjoy various food and shopping, so it was recommended as a place to stop by tourists. I went to Bryant Park next day i searched on Internet and i felt a lot of things in this place. It was easy to see people of various races, including Asian, European, and African and so on because this is a world wide place. I felt this place was for people who came from all over the world not only for travel purposes but also for people who speak various languages currently living there. There are sign, clothes,  and travel brochures made in various languages.


Bryant Park Map and Population Density. via NYC

Bryant Park is located in a New York gown. As you can see from PowerPoint, the New York Public Library on the right side of Fifth Avenue is located on the right, and many restaurants and shopping malls are nearby. The population of Bryant Park is 29 percent Hispanic, 32 percent white, 21 percent black, 13 percent Asian, and many other races are similar. This is because people from all over the world are members of the population, as New York is called the center of the world. In other words, there are many people from other countries around the world as well as people born and raised in the United States.


Closed sign at Bryant Park in 1983, before its restoration. via TheRealDeal.






Now this famous place Bryant Park , however, was a place where there were many drugs and prostitution in 1970’s just 50 years ago. According to the New York Times in 1976, 43 street robbers and 52 drugs users were caught in Bryant Park in six Months. Entrepreneur Dan Biedermann was first to come up with the idea of reviving Bryant Park. He established the fund by persuading other businessmen to set order right here and turn it into a crowded space. Beginning in the early 1970’s, the BID (Business Improvement Districts) is to collect 2~5% of property taxes from commercial buildings in certain areas as a levy and use them for beautifying the environment, improving facilities and promoting them. In other word, building owners around Bryant Park pay a levy to run the park. Bryant Park refurbished the interior from 1987-1991 and reopened in 1992. Overall, Bryant Park wasn’t as public-visited as it is until the 1970s because security was so poor and there was nothing to see that more than 50 drug cases a year occurred here. However, it is the current Bryant Park that some merchants created a combination, invested a certain percentage of their money, remodeled the park and reopened it. The picture shows that Bryant Park has been closed for four years.


Commercial advertising in Bank of America at Brian Park Ice State Market.via Youtube.



Through this process, people began to flock to Brian Park, and by now, it has become a famous place where so many people gather. There are many reasons why so many people get together, but the first thing is ice skating. In winter season, it opens from November to March. A lot of people visit there because of cheap price for renting skates. Many companies are paying to promote their companies to those who visit here.

Free concert at Bryant Park.via alamy.









In Summer, many concerts are opened at Bryant Park. From free movies to band performances and musicals, various genres of performances are held here and almost everything is free. This is why it is so popular that it is called the Office Oasis by citizens. Numerous music, performances, and sports festivals are held under the sponsorship of companies that pay BID contributions. Bryant Park has become one of the “world’s most active parks” with 12 million visitors every year, including tourists.

There are clothes , hates and so on with the Bryant Park log.via guide.









When a large number of visitors visit New York every year, Brian Park is a must-visit destination for them. If you succeed in attracting tourists here with a lot of effort, businessmen should encourage them to spend their money. In this way, the Brian Park logo creates many printed products, allowing tourists to celebrate their visit here and businessmen to make money.All the pictures here are written in English in common, and you can see that they are written in English to sell souvenirs such as clothes and shoes to people from all over the world.


125 Books,  125 Years, and LoveRedaing in the New York Public Library.via NY Library






The New York Public Library is a very old and huge library located in Bryant Park. As you can see from the lion statue in front of the library and the two posters around it, the building has been built 125 years ago and has a large number of books collected over 125 years. The lion’s meaning is patience and indomitable will. It is said that these nicknames came from the buttering of the Great Depression of 1930. In the past, lion videos were not reading books, but now lion videos are reading red books. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the library’s opening, I think it was changed to a lion statue reading a book with the intention of wanting people to read more books.








Photographs of women of various nationalities on display at the New York Public Library. via Annshen.

And a sign that supports a variety of languages. via NY library.


The New York Public Library is a famous place where tourists who visit New York visit because of its 125-year history. Perhaps because of people who have traveled from all over the world, there are pamphlets made in different languages and paintings of women wearing traditional clothes from various countries. And it has not missed out on the core function of the library called “Million Books and Information,” which not only has tens of thousands of books in place, but also a huge space for reading. The library provides programs and guides in various languages so that people around the world can take care of them when they want to find information or books.

Cartier’s Largest U.S. High Jewelry Exhibition.via Cartier






If people look around Bryant Park, they can see that there are many museums and exhibitions. Since it is a place where people gather from all over the world, it is not an exhibition about American history or American goods, but a place where people can access cultural and artistic objects from around the world. Cartier in the image is a premium jewelry company in France. Despite the fact that this is the center of the United States, famous items from all over the world are holding exhibitions to promote their names from around the world, and people here have a lot of opportunities to access various cultural and artistic objects.

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Bergdorf Goodman are luxury shopping mall in 5 ave. via NYC.

When it comes to Bryant Park, shoppers from all over the world go wild because it has Fifth Avenue, full of luxury Brents. It has most of the shops here, including Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, which are coveted by women from around the world, and sells a large number of limited editions. It does not sell products to only Americans, but to people from all over the world, it can jump into people’s eyes more easily than using English. And not only are all the shops here expensive but also quite famous in their own countries, proving their value with their native language signs, not English

An Italian restaurant AI FLORIon 5 Ave. via Bosguy.







What should people do if they finish shopping and sightseeing? It’s about eating. Bryant Park is a gathering place for people from all over the world, so there is a lot of food from all over the world. There are plenty of Japanese, Korean and French restaurants as well as Italian restaurant in the picture above. And as it is a center of New York and a region of high-end shopping malls, restaurants are also offering fairly high-end and expensive food. Most of the food here is also written in their native language. AL FLOI is an Italian restaurant, and instead of English, it made a sign in Italian language. The Manu version was also used not because everything was written in English, but because of its native language and English. This is because the customers they are targeting are not only Americans but also people from all over the world, so they are using each country’s language to appeal their expertise. And if you look at the price of the restaurant here, you can see that it is formed at a fairly high price, from as little as $100 to as much as $300.

Overall,Bryant Park is a park created for commercial purposes by neighboring merchants raising funds. That’s why we regularly hold many concerts and free movies in the summer season and offer many events such as ice skating in the winter to make people feel interested and visit here a lot. And the New York Public Library nearby has a lot of history and books as it is the iconic building of Bryant Park and offers many ways to care for people from around the world. And as it is in the middle of New York, the center of the world, there are many world-famous things around it, especially the best place to shop for famous brand shops or eat at famous restaurants and since Brian Park is a place where people from all over the world visit, it uses its native language rather than English to appeal to their brand value.



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