• Observation Exercise Redo +Empathy
    A.) The observation I made last time of my mom on my sister’s wedding day was purely situational stress and not a real problem she has to deal with on a daily basis. I have decided to instead observe my mom who has been complaining about her foot. She says it really hurts, and that […]
  • TINKERCAD Practice- Doll
  • Observation Assignment
    Blog Post #1: I observed my mom on my sisters wedding day In the morning she was really upset that I woke up late. Then she was annoyed that the wedding pictures were not being taken on time, delaying the schedule. She was most likely overwhelmed on this big day, that most actions going on […]
  • Name in TINKERCAD
  • Drawing of Childhood Toy + Writeup
    This was my best attempt at drawing my first childhood doll I used to play with. His name was Dollsy Wollsy, and when he got really dirty and used, my parents got me an identical doll. I knew at a very young age this wasn’t the real doll and wouldn’t play with the new one.