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By working on the community service project I began to start thinking not only about my immediate community but the Baruch community as a whole. I realized that my LC is really the community I am the closest to, right now. I began to become friends with people different than me and expand my comfort zone. By working on the community service project I started working in different aspects than I expected. I had to communicate with people from a different area and a place I wasn’t comfortable with. For my community service project I am doing Unity Games. Unity games is a group in Staten Island that helps develop unity in staten islands youth. I believe this is very important so that community’s that are relatively different can join as one.
I am from a close knit community myself and had to call on other people not just in my community to help me in my first semester. I attend the writing center to help me fix my English papers multiple times. I wanted to make sure I was conforming with the teachers requirements. I know that the writing center is of great help and I can go there in my next four years. Not only did I go to the writing center I met with multiple teachers to help me in my studies. I met with my English teacher to make sure I am getting everything down, and to ultimately succeed.
By working on my community service project and meeting with other people, I have been exposed to other people and different communities. I realized other people have the strengths to overcome by weaknesses and i should take advantage of it. I know that in the future when I need help I will have confidence to ask.

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Baruch community

The Baruch community is composed of both scholars and regular students. Every student is going for the same goal a 4.0 GPA, and a great job. As a Baruch scholar I see myself as a member of a community, the LC community, the broader Baruch community and my community back home. As a member of a community in my LC I see it as a way to gain friends, acquaintances and meet many new people. As a community we work together in class, and to develop lifelong relationships. Although we all have different interest for the future, we all help each other to excel this semester and continue on. I am very grateful for this LC because it helped me develop relationships and have people there for me.
The honors program works hard for us to develop a sense of giving thanks to our communities and the Baruch community as a whole. I think this is why we have the community service project, as a way to give thanks.
I think Baruch is trying or instill in us not only a feeling of thanks to them but our community. They want us to realize how much everyone has done for us and how we can thank them. We have to thank everyone we have a chance who have done something for us, starting with kids in my own class. From here we are supposed to help our community excel in ways that they can’t with out us. When we do this people will be grateful for us and we have not only excelled in school but community service as well.

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“Where have you been and Where are you going?”

From kindergarten through eighth grade I attended Magen David Yeshivah. In eighth grade, when it came time to apply to a high school I applied to both Magen David and Flatbush Yeshivah. I wanted to go to Magen David, while my mom wanted me to go to Flatbush. She said Flatbush was a better education and would make me a more well rounded person. I didn’t want to leave Magen David, all my friends where there and it would just be easier. Unfortunately for me I ended up in Flatbush.

In Flatbush I was forced to go out of my comfort zone and meet many new people. I decided to join clubs and commissions and get involved in my local community. I became president of my local synagogue and commish of big clubs in my school. These experiences have shaped who I am and made me the well rounded person I am now.

In my senior year I was offered to be head advisor of the freshman seminar. I had to both organize and plan their entire seminar. I had to make sure it was both meaningful and spiritual. Along with the planning I had to make a keynote speech. This speech made me dive into myself and learn about who I am and share it with everyone. I learnt that I am capable of anything I put my heart to and like the person I am now.
I took these values with me into Baruch College.

In Baruch I plan on gaining a lot of knowledge and helping me gain knowledge that will enable me to work better. I am confident Baruch can give me this knowledge in the business field and I will succeed in all I do.

I am a little anxious for what awaits me, and all the work I will have but I believe I will succeed in all I do, and I know it will be a great four years.

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