Thanksgiving Mission for the Poor

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Wanting to be more involved in Baruch’s student life, I accepted an invitation to join Sigma Alpha Delta. Wanting to be more involved in community life, I joined the volunteer committee and that’s how I found the New York City Rescue Mission.

The NYC Rescue Mission have been feeding the hungry and providing hope to New York’s poorest residents since 1872. Every day more than 500 meals are served three times per day and 150 bags of grocery handed out from the food pantry. It also serves as a home to men who are in need of shelter and also offers a recovery program for those that have hit rock bottom and need to get their life in order.

There is an expansion project in the works, so that the Mission can offer their services to women also. Director of Development, Tom Hall, says there should be three more floors, 18 months from now, that will hold 250 beds. Thirty beds will be set aside for single women in need of emergency shelter and will now serve as a transitional residential program for all in need, not just men.

According to Joe Little, the Director of Community Relations, the expansion project is being funded by a wealthy donor who died recently and left a majority of her estate to the organization and a fundraising venture chaired by Kathy Lee Gifford.

As a nonprofit, most of their help and food comes from volunteers, charities and other organizations willing to lend a hand. Food Bank for NYC and City Harvest are among the top food donors, while Trader’s Joe and similar businesses offer what they can also.

Volunteers are a major part of the program and are present for serving meals, helping in the learning center or the offices. Serving meals to the residents and the men and women that walk in from the streets is a humbling experience. The members of the Brooklyn based Jehovah Will Plumbline Ministries have been doing this every third Saturday of every month for the last five years. Pastor Judy Duncan-Hackett and her team were on hand as usual in November, on the weekend before Thanksgiving, serving loads of food to everyone.

The Thanksgiving banquet that Joe has been promoting so long finally came to fruition and it was successful.

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One Response to Thanksgiving Mission for the Poor

  1. Rao says:

    Dear Director
    Greetings to you in the name of our Loving and Living God, Thank you so much for sparing your time and reading this letter. We have been working based on Matthew 5:15; Mark 16:16; we are empowering indigenous and transforming the Community through Good News.
    We are followers of Christ who are excited about what God is doing in our lives and how He will touch this area through the Holy Spirit. God calls us through His word and with the Holy spirit. We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Bible is divinely inspired and reveals the will of God in all things necessary to salvation. We believe the church, both universal and local, is God’s corporate instrument on earth. Baptism and Holy Communion are to be given to those who declare faith in Jesus Christ. Divine healing is a response to the prayer of faith. FACT is faith-based gross root Missionary Organization. We have been reaching un-reached people. Church Planting, Outreaches, Crusades, Pastors Training, Youth Camps, Helping abused & Neglected Children and Prostitutes.
    We believe without taking care of their physical needs it is not complete Gospel. And without perching the Gospel, the Social work is also not fulfills their spiritual needs. We have been doing this Ministry. We are committed to preaching the word of God and helping poor and depressed people of this area. OUR PASSION IS TO HARVEST THE SOULS AND SHARE THE LOVE WITH ACTION. At present we have been working in 4 Revenue Mandals in 25 Villages in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. In our Ministry is having 25 full time Pastors, Evangelists committed and dedicated their lives for God’s work and 25 qualified Community development staff has been working this Ministry.
    The State of Andhra Pradesh, (INDIA) the present population (2010) is crossed 800,00000 But the Christian population is 12,16348 only 1.53%. How sad it is, the Lord came to this world more than 2000 years. So still there is so much of Gospel work ahead.
    We are asking your prayers and fellowship. And we are inviting to visit our Ministry to see the real God’s work with the help of Holy Spirit. Kindly visit our Ministry share the word of God and strengthen their faith through your participation. We are inviting you in the name of our Loving and Living God. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are submitting this letter. The Lord is going to uses you in a big way to glorify His name on this earth and He is going to bless you in Mighty way. We are looking forward and hearing and participate in our work. May God bless you. Amen. our natural tendency to love people with more than words, causes we are practicing inaction. Please read the enclosed document” My life with God”

    Yours in His Service,
    Pastor Rao.,

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