Meme on Hudson

By Jennifer Ross

Hurricane Sandy was not only devastating to everything it touched, its clean-up is still ongoing and will probably continue for many months to come. Even though power has long been restored to the lower half of Manhattan, many restaurants are still working to financially recover; restaurants, such as Meme Mediterranean in the West Village. Here is their story.

2 thoughts on “Meme on Hudson

  1. This was a moving piece. I had read in a newspaper that after a major disaster like Sandy 25% of small businesses don’t recover. I hope that that’s not the case with Meme, especially since the people you interviewed seem to be decent and engaging. You got a lot of information packed into just three minutes. This situation is a microcosm of the overall economic and social impact of the storm.

    1. Hello Jose,
      Thank you very much. Interviewing the owner and servers at Meme Mediterranean did have an impact on me as well. I had asked Alon if he would be able to recover from Sandy. He did say yes, but it will take a couple of months to do so. Again, thank you for your comment.

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