Journal 3

Freshman Seminar was certainly an interesting class and I’m glad I got a chance to learn from it. One of the major things I’ve learned about was some of the organizations in Baruch and what they do. I was extremely glad to learn about VITA… it really seemed like a great opportunity to get involved. It makes sense business-wise and also seems like a meaningful experience to be a part of.

Speaking of community service, I learned a lot in the process of coming up with the group project. Researching the organization took time and effort, but it really was worthwhile. I got a chance to become closer friends with those in my group and I’m glad for the chance to get involved.

The fact that community service is a requirement for the honors program is quite interesting. It kinda forces us to start doing something for the community, in hopes that we would be inspired to continue doing so even after Baruch. I feel that I’ve learned a lot about the need for community service and the honors program certainly will help me towards that.

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