About Just Off the 7 & Liz

Screenshot_2014-12-15-13-09-22-1Who Am I? – I’m Liz! I’m 22, have an unhealthy obsession with everything food, and am frequently broke. Who better to tell you what to do without having to empty your wallets?

Why Am I Taking You and Should You Care? – Queens is the red-headed stepchild of the five boroughs — hard to miss yet often overlooked. I’m here to show you that tasty edibles and unique shopping experiences do exist outside of Manhattan. And where better to begin your Queens adventure than at Flushing? It boasts the largest Asian population in New York City and stands out as one of the most diverse neighborhoods.

Just Off the 7 will serve as your guide to all things Flushing — where to eat, shop, and have some fun. It caters to the likes of foodies who may want to try blood sausage in a restaurant that’s essentially a shack attached to one of the original Korean supermarkets in New York City. It will cater to the Japanese anime and manga-philes who yearn for a copy of a Miyazaki movie that not even eBay seems to have.

I grew up and still live just a short bus ride away from Flushing. Once I started going to school in the city, even I admit that, to me, Flushing lacked a certain cool factor that Manhattan and Brooklyn seemed to radiate and for a while, I avoided Flushing like a dad who insists on wearing sandals with socks. But one day it hit me mid-slurp at a noodle shop on Canal — why was I commuting over an hour and a half for a bowl of noodles I knew that I could easily get just half an hour away from home? Just Off the 7 is a call to the adventurous weekender but maybe even more importantly, it will remind the residents of Flushing that excitement and adventure can be found right down the block and not three subway transfers from there.

When Do We Start? – Now!