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It is truly a blessing to have all kinds of resource available in college. Throughout the Community Service Project preparation, I have come to understand and appreciate the roles of faculty and staff. First of all, without them, we would not be participating in this project. As we are also required to present to faculty, staff, and peers, the feedbacks and comments we received from them have come to refine my thinking about the meaning of community service. Although I have not gone to the support center for the community service project, I have gone to the writing center a few times for my English class and it has proved to be very helpful. I have really come to appreciate such support centers and the people within them. I have yet to join a student club but I am looking into it and do plan on joining one, perhaps next year. I believe these resources that are readily available, whether it be for my team project or other matters, will contribute to my success as a person and as a student within Baruch College. Faculty, staff, and peers can serve as role models for me and people whom I can seek guidance from and perhaps confide in. Support centers and the library can help with technical stuff with the loads of other resources they provide. Such resources will guide me, through the college path of other courses and my future success, as I learn to utilize them.

My understanding of community service has gone to a deeper level as a result of my participation in the project since it pushes me to think past the mere action of serving but the meaning of serving. Although the project is a only requirement, my group and I decide to make it more than just a requirement and turn it into something meaningful. This project is a great inspiration for me as it allows me to contribue to and engage in the community. I have come to appreciate what I have, for example, resources in college, and learn to utilize that in order to help others. In the next three years, I will actively participate in clubs and community services as well as in academics. I won’t only be a student studying hard to finish school, but also a student working hard to contribute to the society.

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What does it mean to serve your community?

I believe we all have the responsibility as students to try our best in upholding our school’s reputation. It pertains to the loyalty and school spirit expected of us. Being a Baruch Scholar in the Honors Program, I should try even harder, knowing that I’m fully capable. I have to do my best in fulfilling my role as a student in school, mainly concerning the academic aspect. On a broader sense concerning the school’s reputation as a whole, I know that I’m powerless if I’m alone. Therefore, I should strive to work well with others. I can participate in clubs and other events to advance relationships among my fellow students.

This is related to the culture of service the Honors Program promotes because our service, our contribution, may come to define the community we live in. As everyone is encouraged to do his best in fulfilling his role in school, he should also fulfill his role in society. Everyone has a place in the society. If we can contribute to better the society, we should. And this is what the Honors Program promotes. Doing community service may not mean much to some people, however, knowing that I am helping people who may be less fortunate than me, those in need, and that I am contributing to my society, at least I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Simply put, if we have the ability to achieve something, we should make the most out of it. We should fully utilize our potentials to better our school and community. And that is what I consider to be our roles in Baruch and the broader community.

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Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?

Church has always been a part of my life, in defining my values and beliefs. I grew up in a Christian family and around Christian families. I believe this definitely impacted me as a person as I was growing up. I wasn’t much of a rebellious child. I wasn’t the best student, but I do try hard to succeed in school. I uphold my religious values as my morals. I don’t steal, I don’t cheat, etc. I would say I’m a fairly righteous and just person.

One particular event changed my life. In the summer of 2010, I joined a leadership program at Light and Love Home. Before my mom forced me to join this program that I wasn’t even remotely interested in, I was one of those students who sits in the corner of the classroom and doesn’t talk much but gets her work done. I didn’t really socialize and I was very shy when I meet new people. This leadership program completely transformed me. I met a group of friends whom I quickly became close friends with. And in no time, I was the loudest person in that group. There were all different kinds of people I met that summer. Each distinct individual shaped me in their own way. Not that they did anything in particular, just being with them changed me as a person. When I returned to school in September, everyone wonders what happened to me because I was suddenly very active and talkative. It was because of this event that I am who I am now.

The transition from high school to college is really quite a change. I have to make new friends and adapt to the new environment. Honestly, I just hope I can survive through my first semester. Some courses are quite challenging and I’m afraid I won’t do too well. As a college student, I wish to be more responsible in getting my work done without procrastinating. I want to keep up a good GPA throughout college. I also want to make more friends and enjoy my college life.

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