The Namesake Chapters 7, 8, and 9

Once again another tragedy happens to the Ganguli family. Ashoke’s death left a severe impact on Gogol and his mother. Gogol breaks away from the intense attachment that he developed with Maxine and her family and stays at home with his widowed mother in NY. Despite his dislike of family tradition Gogol is able to set his dissatisfaction aside and stay with his mother. This event has got to be one of the biggest changes in Google life because his father had a connection to him. Though he was distant from his family at the time being we all know the time and value Google father had invested upon him. One good thing that can be believed to be favored by Ashoke if he was alive was Gogol’s decision to date and eventually marry Moushumi. The reason why is because they both share the same tradition and with Gogol’s parents being religious it would’ve made Ashoke very proud most likely especially since they went through with a traditional wedding. This would be Gogol’s fourth intimate partner so you would expect things to go smoothly and more uplifting than the rest. Yes, Gogol and Moushumi have enjoyed each other but certain things can’t help but to trigger Gogol from being outside his character. One of the events which is Gogol going with Moushumi to a party in Brooklyn. Gogol feels uncomfortable as for Moushumi enjoys herself a lot more than Gogol is and this gives him susceptible thoughts of how their relationship can further play out. Gogol’s love life has always been twists and turns and it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to question his relationship especially when he doesn’t feel the correct vibe, even if it’s a momentary feeling. One of the major things that ticked Gogol off was Moushumi telling her friends at the party about Gogol’s name change without his permission. Gogol’s name has always been an insecurity and for her to announce his personal decision to them leaves him feeling a little violated.

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  1. I agree with your statement on why Gogol would question his current relationship because of his relationships in the past. I feel as though this relationship is very different from what he has had before and he is unsure of how to deal with it because of that.

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