Grading Rubric for Project 3 – Remix

Below is the grading rubric for Project 3. It’s a bit less detailed than previous rubrics, but it should still give you a clear sense of what to aim for in completing your final projects. Remember that this project has two parts: the remix itself and the reflection letter.

Remix Project – 60 points total (note: this is the video, podcast, comic, Prezi, etc)

30 points Argument and Audience: Your argument is conveyed clearly (the consumer of your project can grasp the main points you wish to put forth). Your argument is tailored to your chosen audience, which is narrow and clearly defined. In other words, there is a synergy between argument and audience, wherein the argument is crafted for the audience, and the audience is appropriate for the argument.

15 points – Use of modes/mediums: Your choice of medium (e.g. podcast) and modes (e.g. speech, music, etc) bolsters your argument and is appropriate for your audience. You have selected compelling and appropriate images/video clips/etc. to appeal to your audience, and arranged your selected images/video clips/etc. to tell a compelling story.

5 points – Style and grammar: If you’re using alphabetic text, your writing style should be concise, compelling, and take into consideration your chosen audience. Same thing goes for spoken word (e.g. in a podcast or audio essay). For videos, Prezis, and comics, the stylistic choices you made about the look and feel of your final product match with your audience.

5 points – Project Proposal: You turned in a project proposal.

5 points – Revision from draft: You turned in a draft and attended your group conference, and you have revised based on feedback from the peer review and conference.


Reflection Letter – 40 points total

30 points – Reflection and Rationale: Your letter shows that you have been reflecting on the process of working through this project and displaying a clear rationale behind your choices. You cite specific examples throughout your letter to convey your reflection.

10 points – You have addressed all of the questions listed under “Reflection Goals” in the Project 3 Prompt.

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