Flatbush landscape WW#18

Flatbush junction the heart of it all. Living in Flatbush I’ve learned a lot and seen the community evolve over time. My neighborhood mostly consists of African-Americans specifically Caribbean’s. 10 years ago Flatbush was really different compared to now as there had been many renovations and new constructions happening. On 32nd street my block specifically before there were only 3 brownstone buildings and the rest was houses but today most of those houses are being knocked down and turning into buildings which are a big change as the neighborhood is becoming more crowded. To continue, about 7 years ago the target junction was open along with other stores such as Home Goods, Children Place, Applebees, David Bridals… which was a very big change to the community. Today many people are moving into this neighborhood as these changes are happening which is positive and negative to the community living there beforehand. Throughout this project, it is important to identify why are these houses turning into buildings, the meaning of different stores around the neighborhood, and how it classifies this type of community.

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In this section, I would like to focus on the different restaurants around the neighborhood. My neighborhood consists of many Caribbean people and other ethnicities as well. Turning on the block of Nostrand consist of many restaurants in which  Caribbean food is served such as Curry Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Oxtail… With a population that mostly has Caribbeans, these restaurants are always full and delivering to the community. This is something important to consider as the population defines the neighborhood. Before living there I wasn’t really familiar with Caribbean dishes but since there’s are many Caribbean restaurants I got used to their food and I enjoy eating it. In the same block, there are about 5 restaurants that mostly serve the same dishes but also some of these stores are from different islands as some of the store signs have different flags (See figure 7) to show what island the food is from. Most of these signs are in English which makes sense as the Caribbeans and most other races that I see around speak English to each other. Even though not every person in the neighborhood speaks English and is important to consider. A remark I see about these is that there all around each other which causes a lot of competition because as said before they mostly sell the same food.

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Next, throughout the years there has been a change in the community especially with the number of people that are coming into the neighborhood. Before it was safe to say there were more houses than buildings but recently many of these houses a being knocked down. As mentioned in the introduction, my block had only 3 brownstone buildings but today we are up to 7 buildings in which 4 new ones were made. To elaborate, many jews are coming around the neighborhood to buy these houses off and invest by making buildings. In my opinion, I thought it would be important to ask my house owner neighbors if they were given a proposition about selling their house. Joseph LeMoine who has owned his house for about 30 years now stated ” My door is being knocked almost every day with extravagant numbers but this is neighborhood my kids were born here, most of my life was in done here I’m not ready to leave anytime soon”. As Joseph said many jews are trying to change the community by adding more buildings. The neighborhood is becoming more and more crowded as these buildings are growing which is becoming harder for the old community living there for a long time so they rather sell their house and out of state especially older people.

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To continue, East Flatbush is a very diverse community as I see all types of races. The target junction is very popular in most of the community shops there along with the other stores. With a big sign on the triangle, it’s not easy to miss. There are many stores in which are known all around new york that are on East Flatbush has which attracts more people to the neighborhood. Most of these stores are well known and accessible to the community such as Td Bank, Walgreens, Health First, Mcu Bank, Pretty Girl… Also, public transportation is very easy to catch as the street of Flatbush has the 2 and 5 train, multiple buses that take you all around Brooklyn, Taxis parked right in front of the target, and $1 Vans that take you all the way to Downtown Brooklyn. These methods of transportation are very convenient to the community as well. With transportation being easy to access, many eating places are all around the neighborhood such as Mcdonalds, Popeyes, Subway, Dunkin Donuts… East Flatbush is a very good place to live as it contains much around the neighborhood that is accessible to everyone.

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Flatbush Landscape Linguistic WW#17

Living in Flatbush, I’ve learned what’s it like to live in a colored community full of people of my own.  It is important to know more in-depth about my community and looking forward to doing this project. Coming here at the age of 10 the neighbor was very different compared to today as many renovations have been done to make this community better. To begin with, the block of 32nd street in which I live in. There has been massive change as many of the houses are being knocked down and turn into buildings. The community is becoming more and more crowded as these houses are becoming buildings. To continue, there has been almost 7 years ago on the corner of Nostrand, a big target accompanied with other stores such as Applebees, Payless, children’s place… were added. This was a very big change to the community of Flatbush as many stores began to open around the community which is attracting others to come live around here. As I’ve been living here for 8 years now, I experienced much change to make this community better and more welcoming to others. In this project, I want to identify the change that has been happening in recent years specifically the new constructions that have been occurring in the neighborhood. Specifically, the transitions of houses to buildings and also the opening of new stores that are attracting people to come to live in this community. Hopefully, throughout this project, I can get to identify why this significant change and how is affecting the community that has been here before all these changes. https://blogs.baruch.cuny.edu/landlinguistic/wp-admin/post.php?post=4&action=trash&_wpnonce=137ebb8f9a


Some pictures of the community: