Latinas: A Social and Cultural Survey

Interview Archive


Response Paper on an Interview


  1. Select, watch, listen, or read ONE interview (from the archive below) with a Latina artist or thinker.
  2. Write a response paper using the following format:
  3. Paragraph 1: Introduce the person interviewed. Explain how the person is presented by the interviewer and summarize the main points discussed in the conversation.
  4. Paragraphs 2 and 3: Choose and analyze two relevant excerpts from the interview. Explain them in your own words. Why do you think these sections are important? How and why they resonate with you? Do you agree with the opinions expressed? Do you disagree? Why?
  5. Paragraph 4: Re-state the main themes and intentions behind the interview. How it allows you to understand better the person’s work and worldviews? Would you recommend the interview? Why? To whom?

(3-4 Pages/Double Space/ Times New Roman/ Font size: 12)


.Defying the Borders of Latinidad, A conversation with Dr. Lorgia García Peña   on the rise of Ethnic Studies

.Public Thinker: Frances Negrón Muntaner on Puerto Rico, Art, and Decolonial Joy

.Commonplace: Conversations with Poets (and Other People) Episode 35: Aracelis Girmay

.“Either Hyper-Visible or Invisible”: An Interview with Jaquira Díaz

.Book Ends: A Chat With Author Ivelisse Rodriguez About Love, Hope and Destruction

.Aftershocks of Disaster: Puerto Rico Before and After the Storm with Yarimar Bonilla, Marisol LeBrón, and Molly Crabapple (41:15-onward)

.Dancing Backup: A Reading and Conversation with Carina del Valle Schorske

.Raquel Salas Rivera, Nicole C. Delgado, and Carina del Valle Schorske, “Translating Islands”(27:10-54:00; 1:13:00-onward)

.Left of Black with Yomaira Figueroa

.Q&A with Deborah Paredez

.Yesika Salgado On Love, Lust, And Being A Hopeless Romantic

. Melissa Lozada-Oliva Peluda Interview