My experience at Baruch

My experience at Baruch College has been okay so far. There is much to do here at Baruch College, and there is a lot of time to do it. The work has not been so stressful up to right now, maybe because the classes themselves are not that hard. There is lot to do here, such joining the extracurricular clubs and participate in other activities. My experience at Baruch College has been satisfactory so far.

My first semester at Baruch College has been okay so far. The classes are not that hard, except maybe Calculus. But otherwise, I have pretty good professors. The work load has not been that heavy. It is manageable if one practices time-management.

If it were up to me, I would take more classes during my first semester. I would do this in order to get my credits done much more quickly. There are so many core requirements to fulfill in addition to the major and minor requirements.

I do not think that I have changed much at all since entering College. My working habits are the same from high school, which is a good thing.

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