Dec 05

From this community service research project, I have personally learned how to utilize the resources that are available here at Baruch. More specifically, as a group, we utilized the Baruch volunteer fair and have were able to receive a much clearer idea of the nature of different service opportunities.  Without the volunteer fair, it would have been much more difficult to reach out to the respective organizations in order to acquire more information. Having the convenience of service organizations setting up a table at the fair removes the need to reach out electronically to get information. Being able to speak with a representative of each organization allows for a greater amount of human interaction and provides a more direct line of communication.

I have been participating in Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity here at Baruch College. Although the organization stresses professional development, there is a very prevalent service component. We have already participated in a large number of service events each tackling a different set of issues. For example, we recently had the opportunity to volunteer at a women’s shelter in Brooklyn providing for those who had been displaced from their homes. Alpha Kappa Psi also had a can drive to provide for the homeless during the winter holiday season. One more event in the future is the Jingle Bell Walk that raises awareness and money for arthritis. Apart from the community service opportunity for Baruch Scholars, I plan on helping out in the service events held by Alpha Kappa Psi.

I see myself graduating in three years going into a full-time job at either a tech company or a financial services company. Prior to graduation I envision myself interning at J.P. Morgan or Barclays Capital. I see myself as a part of the Financial Leadership Program which helps prepare me for these internships. Last but not least, I see at least a semester studying abroad under my belt. I want to travel to another country as an exchange student learning language, culture, and most importantly, tasting the wonderful food.

Oct 09

As a student of Baruch and as a Baruch Scholar in the Honors Program, I personally believe that it is a responsibility to give back to the community. After receiving so much in terms of support and resources, it becomes imperative for us as members of the Honors Program to reciprocate the care and nurture that we received. It becomes more than just a duty or task, but also an opportunity to demonstrate what we learned. Even as the Honors Program promotes academic growth through increase in rigor and demonstrations of this acquired knowledge, community service allows us to apply the knowledge we have gained.

Another facet of being an Honors student is an understanding of the bigger picture. We should’t limit ourselves to the confines of our personal perspectives, but seek to broaden our horizons and expanding our capacity to care. By reciprocating this sense of nurture, we can promote the growth of not only ourselves, but also those around us. So although leadership qualities are desirable, the community and the world at large require just as much from those who are willing to give back. To have a caring heart. To be a leader, in growth, sustainability, and equality. By committing a fraction of our time to help improve the health of the local community, we in turn learn the valuable lessons of humility, brotherhood, and sustainable growth.

I look forward to volunteering and making my hands available to help those in need. I hope that through this I will make new friends, learn the meaning of compassion, and gain the experience of caring for someone other than myself.

Sep 25

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in the eighteen years of my life, it is that “working hard” definitely beats “hardly working” in the long run. After numerous encounters with meeting deadlines that threaten to devour my GPA, I finally learned that work must always come before play. For the sake of this journal entry, and for ease of access, my dear reader, I will tackle the question from this perspective: What is your drive and motivation?

Growing up as an Asian-American, I’ve always had to face the stereotype of perceived intelligence that is attached to the word “Asian.” Societal pressures (along with perpetual pressure from parents) created a stifling environment in which it was difficult for me to grow and excel. I for one, am not obedient and I often think of myself as the most rebellious child. Because of my refusal to meet the demands of my parents I often skimped on my studies, choosing instead to squander my time pursuing idleness. It became a cycle, eventually developing into bad habit.

So what caused me to change? To improve? To wave that white flag of surrender? To finally decide to truly apply myself? Beats me. But perhaps it was desperation and fear. Fear of the mediocre, desperation to be someone better, someone that could stand out above the rest.

I hope that this drive and ambition to succeed, not for my parents nor for anyone other than myself, will carry me through my time here at Baruch. I don’t expect mercy in terms of a light workload or lax professors, but I do expect this to be a “college experience.” A time of good friends, good fun, but most importantly mutual growth in knowledge, maturity, and success.

I will succeed in accomplishing my goals. Setting the bar high, but trusting that if there is a will behind what I do, then there is most definitely a way for me to do it. I refuse to settle for mediocrity, but instead continue and push on toward success. The wise words of Drizzy Drake ring true in the quiet of the night. “Started from the bottom. Now we’re here.”

Leon Jon. Over and Out.

Sep 11

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Leon Jon