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Owners and Inferiors: Influence of nationalism on the lives of ethnic minorities in the post-Soviet Uzbekistan

By Alexandra Ten Ten’s essay was nominated for publication by Emily Long Olsen, a Writing Consultant at the Baruch College Writing Center. This essay is the analysis portion of her Oral History Project for Professor Martina Nguyen’s HIS 1003 course; it is based in part on an interview with Olga Ten. To read the complete interview, please click here.  
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My Epiphany

A Brian Lung A memoir written for ENG 2100. Nominated by Professor Sarah Moon “Brian’s personal memoir on visiting his cousins in rural China is an excellent example of using a specific, personal experience to illustrate a common, human issue and its resolution. His memoir shows us how life experiences of effective cooperation and self-sufficiency help dispel the self-pity we
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