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Activist Investors and the Health of Companies

By Seongeun Tammy Lee Lee’s essay on the role of activist investors in the Dow-Dupont merger and their overall effect on the long-term health of a company was written for BUS4444H, Honors case studies in Business. Traditionally, shareholders of a company are invested in maintaining long-term relationships with that company rather than focusing on their short-term interests, such as earning
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Economic Development in New York City: A Look at the Priorities, Policies, and Problems at the Local Level

By Konstantin Zborovskiy Nominated by Professor John Liu, Zborovskiy’s essay was the required final research paper in PAF 9144, Budgeting and Financial Analysis II, Spring 2015. Professor Liu writes: The paper demonstrated the student’s mastery of a major topic of the course and was graded on research content and analytical argument.  Specifically, the paper earned high marks in the following
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Mission-Related Investing: Leveraging Capital Markets to Enhance Social Value

By Ashok Kamal A researched paper written by an Honors MBA student. This paper won a 2009 Abraham J. Briloff Prize in Ethics, an award intended to stimulate scholarship in the field of ethics, with an emphasis on ethics in professional life.   Introduction: The Role of Philanthropic Foundations in Society The philanthropic community in the United States is haunted
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