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Playing Well With Others: The Modern Effects, and Future Implications, of Economic Governance With Regards to Collective Ownership

By Patrick Pompili This essay was awarded second prize in the 2009 CUNY Nobel Science Challenge.  This competition asked CUNY undergraduate students to write “an essay of 1000-1500 words explaining the science behind the 2009 Nobel prizes – to describe how these concepts are influencing our world today, and to predict the future significance of this research to humanity.”  Patrick
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What is a Family?

by Chike Agu Written for SOC 3131.  Nominated by Professor Carol Garza. What is a family? To answer this question, a person might reminisce about a memory they shared with relatives at a family gathering. If they were the World Factbook, however, they might say a mother, a father and, as of 2009, 2.05 kids. Early structural functionalists shared this
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