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By Darryl Gladstone A cultural analysis/opinion essay written for ENG 2100. Nominated by Professor DJ Dolack “Darryl’s essay explores both the benefits and dangers of new media and technology as it creeps even further into our everyday lives and routines. His discussion revolves around the idea that our most trusted human emotions are being ambushed by quicker and more ambiguous
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Transitions – Shifting Between and Within Topics

Darryl Gladstone’s paper, which contrasts the communication habits of a previous generation with those of a younger generation, contains several excellent examples of transitions. Gladstone uses transitions to signal a shift: 1)    Between topics, e.g. from the communication habits of a previous generation to the communication habits of a younger generation; OR 2)    Within a topic, e.g. from discussing what
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Signposting – Showing your reader where you’re going

Signposts, like traditional transitions, prepare a reader for changes in an essay’s direction. But rather than easing the shift from one paragraph to another, signposting signals a new section or mode of the writer’s argument. A signpost might, for example, indicate that the essay is: ➢ pausing for historical background or context; ➢ about to present a countering claim; ➢
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