South Asian Community in Jamaica, Queens.


In the city of New York the borough Queens have the most immigrants and there are many cultures that they portray. The media shows all the different cultures and the diversity but they don’t usually show the struggles that these immigrants have faced to adapt to this American lifestyle. In the neighborhood that I reside in, Jamaica, there are many low income people who risk their life to work just because there is not enough to feed their family even in this tough covid time of the pandemic. These families have come to this country with a big dream and just to fulfill their dream they go on to face all these challenges in their daily life and financial challenges are the one that stands out among them. Me as a immigrant Bengali, I have seen my parents struggle so much when they came to this country. My neighborhood mostly consists of south Asian people and I have heard many of them have struggled to pay their rent because they don’t have a high quality job due to not having a college degree. I have been in this country for seven years and when I came to this neighborhood there were many undeveloped areas which have now become much urban. Such as the Islamic centers, parks and the groceries have increased in this area in such a short time. I hope to see it become more developed as days pass so that the south Asian community will find more jobs through it. 

These are the Pictures of mosques and malls that have developed in the neighborhood of Jamaica over the years.