Losing Future Direction and Hiding Truth

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After reading the short story “Upstairs In A Wineshop” by Lu Xun , I feel it is showing human’s living attitude of losing future direction after his/her pervious planning couldn’t be achieved. Also, I see the living attitude of hiding and lying in this short story.

Between the conversation Lu Xun had with his friend, Weifu, I see how Weifu was in a situation of losing future direction on his loveand living. He did not want to struggle for anything anymore and just wanted to let time pass by. Just like he said, “I don’t know anything anymore. I don’t even know what tomorrow’s going to bring, or even the next moment…”(P, 1938).He was lost on his future, but he did not want to plan for future anymore.  He had planned for future before, but future did not go the way he had planned so he gave up planning. This is a very usual situation for human who experienced failure, and lose their self-confidence and become decadent. However, in my opinion, planning is very important. Without planning, life would become worse and really make a person become lost. Although I have not experienced as much difficulties as Lu Xun’s friend, I think the sentence “human grows from failure” apply to everyone on every age group.

Also, I see the living attitude of lying and hiding to fulfill parent’s desire. When Weifu could not find his brother’s skeleton, not even his hair, he just placed the dirt where his brother’s body had lain into the coffin and moved to where his father was placed to fulfill his mother’s want. This is one example Weifu hid a truth. In addition, when his mother had requested him to send flowers to Ah-shun, the lady he loved, but she died. He gave his flowers to Ah-shun’s sister to avoid his mother from questioning him. This is another example of Weifu hid the truth from his mother. I believe everyone had tried at least once lied to their parents. Lying is usually considered as a bad thing to do, but sometimes, it is necessary. In Weifu’s situation, his mother is old, and I think it is better to lie to her and hide the sadness from her.

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