Linguistic Landscape Study

Linguistic Landscape Study of Kings Highway

The reason I picked this landscape is that I grew up in the Kings Highway neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY and this is the place I am most familiar with in the entire world. These pictures are some of the common memories I have had since childhood and I fondly remember them for different reasons. The neighborhood has changed, but a lot remains the same as it used to be. I have specific reasons and certain stories that I can remember regarding each of these locations and the signs that describe them. In this neighborhood, the first picture is of a pizza shop that I used to go to after school and it was one of my happiest food memories. At King’s Pizza, they serve $1 slice pizza and I distinctly remember the place always being packed out this small shop with many kids I knew from my school back when I was young. In the second picture, it is a small “internet cafe” called King’s Games which is a hangout spot me and a specific friend of mine enjoyed going to. I recall when he first introduced the place to me and brought me there to play on the console in the shop. I remember that while we were there we were playing a pokemon tournament game and we would choose what pokemon we wanted and battle it out to win the tournament. For my third picture, it seems a bit peculiar because it is a building that changed from a Mcdonald’s to a CVS. I recall when the building was first taken down and was put under construction which devastated me because it was the only Mcdonald’s near my house. I remember eating there maybe once a week for quite a while because I enjoyed it so much, however that changed when it was put under construction. The fourth picture is of the playground that I visited almost every day. I enjoyed going to this park because it was right by my house and was absolutely massive. I typically frequented the basketball courts during the time I visited there. The fifth picture is of a laundromat that is owned by my aunt and I would go there and hang out with my cousins when my parents were busy and needed someone to look after me.