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     Little Irish Shangrila: Right Above the Door



Irish Bars have these unique features that it is hard to miss if you are looking for one. I know there are some Irish Bars that would just announce its type before you even enter: “IRISH PUB,” it would read outside, on its illustrated and enhanced lintel. And others, that if you tried reading out loud would sound just like Sandarin—go on, try it sometimes. And as much as Manhattan prides upon its night life scene, I think Queens have—there is an “s” for God’s sake–one of the best Irish pubs in the world. No sir, I haven’t been to every single Irish Pubs in every corner of this world but I am sure it is true. And you know what’s truer than that? The Irish bar at Woodside is probably the best. Well, I am entitled to my biases. If you are not convinced, then listen to the highly credible accounts of the yelpers:

It is a cool place and we like to go there.

Be careful.


A lot of Tibetans and sometimes, they get drunk and want to fight.

The place was very ethnically diverse, but true indeed, there were lots of Tibetans. Noticeably, one of the Tibetan women was not a woman.  The poor dude that danced with that particular person had not gotten the memo…he kept saying “that chick is tall…” as he ordered more drinks

It is so infamous that even Irish people in Ireland, yes Ireland, have misgivings about this place:

I have no doubt that Sean Og’s is horrifying on weekend nights unless you’re the kind of person who enjoys copulating with J1 Visa holders after hours of Smirnoff Ice fueled dancing.  This aspect of the bar is so infamous, that co-workers in my company’s Dublin office warned me of it.

I didn’t even know they served food, but the place was usually packed with drunks who were desperate and coming on to any woman they could get to make eye contact.

Or some surprises like this, who does she think she is? Jane Austen? Or a surrealist?

Sean Ogs seems amazing at first. Dancing on the weekends, cheap drinks, fun decor, stumbling distance from other bars. The longer you go here, though, the more you will realize that this is a date-raper’s paradise.

There’s always what I call a “creeper curtain” around the dance floor that you have to breech in order to get some space to dance.

Then there’s the weekend. Oh boy…it’s like a complete 180.

When it’s on douche mode it’s a bit weird but they actually have DJs and dancing on certain nights and a diverse crowd and good drinks.

This place is the real deal- I’m talking about the 3 B’s…Beers, Burgers and Babes. This part of Woodside is the Vegas of NYC

And some real critics:

Conclusion: I don’t care that you have very cute Halloween decorations and one of the only dance floors in Woodside Sean Og’s – you attract bad people, and there are better neighborhood bars that deserve my business.

If your a girl you might get a bit too much unnecessary attention from the weekend crowd since it’s really a sausage fest. But if you go with friends it can be very fun because of the vibe of the place. If your a guy don’t expect to pick up girls there, because you have about 5000 other guys to compete with.

By now I am sure this Irish bar is described by these key words: creeper, Tibetan, date-raper’s heaven, Tibetan, debauchery, and some more Tibetans. Yes, this place entertains a lot of Tibetans. During weekends, for those uninitiated, if you are not a Tibetan, then it would be safest if you just stuck to the bar stool and get the idea of hoping on to the dance floor out of your mind. You may or may not have it, but the dance floor is the yellow fever incarnate: a bunch of yellow people dancing feverishly.

You will see a lot of desperate middle-aged Tibetans, whom we call uncles and aunties. I actually have a friend whose stories of one-night-stands with aunties are inexhaustible. These uncles and aunties are the reasons that the elders of the household are advising their younger ones to avoid visiting such a place.

“Didn’t you know that aunties and uncles in that place have AIDS?”

“You going to Irish Bar, beware of uncles and aunties.”

“Are you a perve? Why else would you go to that place?”

“You can go New York, but don’t you dare so much as take a step into that God Forsaken Irish Bar.”

I am not sure if Irish bars have any reputation, if they did, I think among Tibetans, they have lost it all. It is just in the name; Irish Bars would have saved its face if whoever made Sean Og’s popular among Tibetans, actually addressed the bar as “Sean Og’s.” Now it is not just this particular bar that is shunned. I remember walking with my elder relatives and at the sound of the name Irish, they would grimace and bicker.

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  1. Darius says:

    I think you have some good material here so far. It seems that the material leans towards the conclusion that Tibetans stereotype against Irish pubs unfairly as a result of one guy (or a small few). This could work either as a traditional essay or an audio one, whichever you prefer to do. As you pointed out in your cover letter that you aren’t concerned about grammar, I won’t mention any editing for that. If you pursue the audio essay form, I would recommend you have maybe some Irish pub music playing in the background any time a person does the voice of a yelper. That might help to separate the narration from the comments. In regards to the question in your cover letter, this entire essay seems humorous to me, so I would suggest you keep your voice in a serious tone just to emphasize the comedy. Your audience will laugh at your attempt to be serious in a matter that seems so funny. I can’t wait to see where your essay will go.

  2. Tenzin aka Jason!

    First off, I said this in your proposal, your title is fantastic!

    I would really like to this as an audio essay. I want to capture the voices of the Tibetans. I want to hear the bar and the cups clanking and people murmuring in the background. It will really bring out the authenticity in your essay.

    I really love: “By now I am sure this Irish bar is described by these key words: creeper, Tibetan, date-raper’s heaven, Tibetan, debauchery, and some more Tibetans.” I love how Tibetans fall in between all this craziness!

    Maybe write an experience of an American girl going in there and an older Tibetans mans reaction. I would really be interested to hear the mans inside thoughts or maybe the American girls thoughts (possible interview?)

    Other than that, I really enjoyed your essay!!!



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