Reading HW due Wednesday, 11/13 by 7:49 AM

Read James Baldwin’s “If Black English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” on page 88 of your reader, and answer the following questions in the comments section below.

*Please make sure to bring this reading to class, as we will work with it extensively.

  1. What is Baldwin’s thesis about the role of language?
  2. When was this piece written? (Hint: there is an index on the last page of the book). Do you feel that it is still relevant today? Why?

“They Say / I Say” due Monday, 11/11 at 7:49 AM

Please complete your “They Say / I Say” assignment for HW this weekend for ONE especially relevant source that will be foundational for your paper.

To sum up what we went over in class, you will be providing a brief summary of each section of your chosen article (They Say), and providing commentary in relation to how it will work in your paper (I Say).

*Remember to include the title and author.


Source Work HW due Wednesday, 11/6 by 7:49 AM

Part One: Choose ONE source that you want to work with this week for source work analysis, and bring a copy to class on Wednesday, 11/6 (either hard copy or electronic). I strongly recommend choosing an article that you feel you will use heavily in your paper, but NOT a peer-reviewed source for Wednesday’s project, as a long, dense scholarly article will make the project more time-consuming for you.

Part Two: Complete the following source check for criteria for TWO sources, to be submitted in hard copy or via email by the beginning of class on Wednesday, 11/6.

Source Check Criteria (refer to pages 173 – 176 in your reader for further explanation)

  1. Relevance: How will this particular source be useful for your paper?
  2. Credentials and Stance of the Author: Who is the author? What are the author’s credentials? What is their stance on the topic?
  3. Credentials and Stance of the Publisher/Website: Name the publisher/website. What is their reputation? What is their overall stance on the issues they publish? (Remember the “whois + URL” trick.)
  4. Currency: When was this piece published?
  5. Level of Specialization / Audience: Is this general, or more specialized information? Who is the intended audience for this piece of writing? Academics? General public?

Reading HW for Monday, 11/4

Your reader has some excellent essays and resources to help guide you through the research process. For Monday, 11/4 Read “Evaluating Sources” on p. 172 and “Stasis Theory” on p. 203.

You will be using these two readings actively next week, so they are really important. For now, answer the following questions in the comments section below:

  1. How can you actively work to eliminate (or mostly eliminate) bias from your research?
  2. Explain Aristotle’s concepts of topoi and stasis.
  3. In your own words, explain stasis theory.

*You may also want to review the chart on pages 178-179 as you sit down to source search on Monday.


Reading HW due Wed. 10/30 by 7:49 AM

Please read “Researching and Making Claims: Introduction” (p. 157) and “The Research Process” (p. 160) in your reader, and respond to the prompt in the comments section below.

What is one aspect of writing a research paper that intimidates or frustrates you? What did you learn from these readings that makes the task feel a bit more manageable? If nothing, what did you learn about the research process that seems daunting?