Week 5

Roberts Miller emphasizes the potential downfall of using rhetoric, it’s a tool that is widely used to make the audience silently think and reflect on something they already have the answer to, but more consciously. It has positive effects when correctly used, but negative rhetoric can be used to trick an audience into false or misleading information very subtly.

The most apparent use of rhetoric I have seen in my personal life comes from Politicians. There are three rhetorical appeals that politicians excel in, including ethos, pathos and logos. The emotional connection to an audience, the credibility used to persuade an audience and the logical and statistical side to persuade an audience. Most Intend to use rhetoric to get their points across in the most convincing way, although others will use this to actively ingrain false information to get people “on their side”. It also becomes more personal to an individual as it holds the power to alter one’s self image and beliefs. An extreme yet very infamous form of rhetorical use with hugely devastating impacts was Hitler’s regime. He instilled beliefs and spread propaganda using rhetorical appeals. He was able to conquer the minds of nearly 13 million German soldiers and citizens through speech and propaganda and received voluntary help to kill nearly two out of every three European Jews by the end of the war. Rhetorical appeals cannot be underestimated and it is crucial to realize they come with positive aspects but can just as easily devastate beyond control.

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week 1

Hello everyone! I firstly would like to apologize for my delay as I have been dealing with several technical issues. My name is Melanie Cecconi and I am french and italian but I was born in New York City. I recently transferred to Baruch so this will be my first semester here. I have always enjoyed creative writing and pushing myself with critical thinking when I do so.

My goal for this class is making sure I adapt to this online forum and organize myself in order to produce quality work in ways that can challenge my writing. I would also love to learn anything new, maybe certain writing techniques or skills that I haven’t yet acquired. The only question/ concern I have is about the online forum and making sure I don’t miss certain assignments or somehow get delayed because of it. 

One of the best skills I have been taught in writing is critical analysis that comes with your thought process. The most important thing to realize when writing is that your audience can’t read your mind, therefore you need to thoroughly explain your thought process in a concise way for anyone reading it. Citation has always been emphasized in my previous English courses as well and is something I make sure to do properly. I love to write whenever I get a chance to for any aspect of my life as I have found it to be very helpful in keeping me organized and disciplined without keeping everything in my head. I’m not someone who talks very much, which is why writing is the perfect tool for me to express my thoughts and my opinions in a way that will sound thought out and not jumbled through my speech.