After our meeting with the Student Success: Student Life Panels, I’ve come to realization that I need to start getting involved now. My plans were to spend the freshman year adjusting to the college life and then move on to participating. But, I now know that my time is being wasted and I need to prepare for the upcoming experiences.

Until now, the only faculty and staff I’ve encountered were Mr. Medina and Maria. However, after our intimidating meeting, I vigorously searched our Baruch website for clubs and is planning to join one soon. I have not decided which one to join but my interest is leaning towards T.E.A.M Baruch. I noticed I’m too late to join now but I’m going to prepare myself for next semester and keep up with the dates.

Also through our Freshman Seminar meetings, I realized that I wasn’t appreciating the resources that are available for me. I considered the support centers, our own librarian, student clubs, and especially our faculty, staffs and peers to be something that is just there and something that I can utilize if I wanted to but did not need to. But, it’s totally not like that. I need the help that those generous people are offering and it can never hurt me. There is no benefit for them for helping me but there’s a huge benefit for me.

Thus, I decided to not pass on this precious opportunity and one day I’ll be the one offering help because life is about giving back. I probably wouldn’t have come to this realization if it wasn’t for FRO 1000H. Thank you Mr. Medina and Maria and of course, Baruch.

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  1. Maria Guglielmo says:


    I am so glad that you have found the resources helpful and that you want to give back one day. There is not a doubt in my mind that you will be a wonderful addition to T.E.A.M Baruch; I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You are warm, sweet, kind and generous and I know that you will do great things.
    Just so you know, listening to you and your strength has had a profound impact on me and I admire you for the young adult you have become. FRO has benefited me in ways I cannot express.


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