Revising Attitudes

I for one have always tried to write my papers in one shot in high school. I hate the processes of drafting and revising. When I imagine “revising” my writing, I think of an unnecessary tedious process. I feel like I’m not really going to make much changes and find it pointless. However, I agree with Deither’s comment of “Think of how much time you could save, how much¬†stress you could shed, if you could relax and spew forth a first draft, rather than¬†agonize over every movement of the cursor.” When I was writing my final paper for my high school english class, I went through the basic steps of writing a paper to ensure a good grade. As a result, I found the drafts and revision to be very helpful. It not only helped me receive a better grade but helped ease the process of writing and getting my thoughts down. I saved time instead of wandering with many thoughts and trying to perfect a piece of writing when all of the thoughts aren’t even thought of yet. The difference between revising and editing is when you’re revising. , you sort of rethinking the paper. You are looking to rewrite some phrases and word things differently. Maybe even add something totally new or take something out. Editing is more of correcting and organizing your paper. Proof reading is the polishing of the paper. It’s perfecting the piece and putting the cherry on the top. I do feel that if I change my attitude towards revision, I will learn to like it and find it very helpful. I agree with most of the resistances to revision by Deith. Most people like to think they’re always right and hate to admit to their mistakes. When someone knows they’ve made a mistake, they shy away from it and just leave it alone as opposed to being right. When some is right, they love to celebrate and rub it in someones face. As i have mentioned before, I find revision to be unnecessary which is my I try to resist it because i’ve wrote many papers in high school in one shot.

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