Depending on the career path that you want to take, your job may be at risk or be safe from being automated in the future.

Jobs that are safe: Blue collar jobs

This includes construction, building and grounds cleaning/maintenance, Installation, and repairing jobs. These jobs requires hard labor by humans which can not be replicated well by AI. Therefore, if you are looking to go into trade school and look into a blue collar job in the future, do not fear!

Jobs that are at risk: White collar jobs

This includes professions in healthcare, accounting, artists, management, education, and social service workers. These jobs require more intellect and creativity which can be replicated by AI. If you are looking to go into these future professions, do not fear so much because there is no need for being pessimistic! On the bright side, they will not COMPLETELY takeover anytime soon. Think of them as friends who will accompany you.