How it Begins

Friendship is something that once truly found, it is very hard to let go.   Our tale is one of how the dependability, loyalty, and goodness of friendship, gets morphed into a new relationship of unfamiliarity, opposition and negative essences that turns what is good into painfully bad.

As with any typical day, best friends Taylor and Nicole wake up to each others texts about meeting up at their designated breakfast spot, BuenoMal.  Both at age 17,  the girls are in a space where college is around the corner and when that magical birthday comes, making them 18 and legal adults, life is about to change.  The girls meet and take their usual seats in the front corner by the window.  They talk about makeup, who’s trending on Instagram and what celebrity boy they find interesting to look at.  Today is a special day as Nicole is being honored by her church for being such a positive community peer mentor.  To celebrate, the girls make plan to meet later for drinks.

Later that evening, Taylor and Nicole meet and enjoy conversation, listening to each other and making no judgments.  The girls value their friendship.  They both feel the other is fun to be around and share the same ideals about life.  Taylor admires Nicole’s self-confidence, and Nicole admires Taylor’s sensitivity and ability to see the humor in life.  On the train ride home, something unusual happens! The train begins to jerk it’s passengers around and the lights begin to flicker on and off.  The girls are scared and hold each other for fear that this is “it”!  After the train derails off the track, a blinding light shines and Taylor and Nicole pass out.  They awaken, very shaken but okay, to find themselves in a strange place.  Taylor immediately notices a sign that says, “Welcome to Arzabia”.  As the girls stare at each other, Taylor face starts to glow.  This continues all around her body until she has a soft white light surrounding her.  She also grows wings. The same begins for Nicole.  Her face glows white and continues to the rest of her body, however Nicole’s light fades from white to dark grey..almost black! What has happened? Why aren’t they sharing the same color? What more will happen in this strange world?

Our binary, Good Vs. Evil, highlights the fact that each individual has a balance of both within themselves. Certain influences can highlight one aspect more then the other. In this case the fairy Olinda, is a good influence where as Dom is a bad influence. In this wonderland we exemplified the idea of influences in everyday life. Whether it be to fit in, or to stand out. We also touch upon the idea of being born evil, which in this Wonderland is not true. This goes back to the idea that moral comes from influence.