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Success City, New York (Essay 5)

Caswell Simpson
Professor: Mary Louise Penaz
English 2150
19 May 2009
Success City, New York
New York City is considered to be an environment in which success dwells. Once an individual obtains an success, they can reap the reward in which they looked forward to. But in order to achieve success an individual must become acquainted with the secret that will bring about success.
Before reveling the secrets to secrets to success an individuals must first know what success means. Success is simply defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In other words success can be advancing to another academic level, or stated a small business which grew into multi million dollar corporation. The importance of success is determined by the person who accomplished it. But it is the steps taken to reach success in New York City that is important. These steps have yet to be determined.
The first step to bringing about success in New york City is academic ambition. Some of the best learning facilities are locater in New York City such as Colombia University. Attending these facilities with their rigorous curriculum, then graduating can prove an individuals capability in a difficult working environment. Having academic ambitions can motivational to pursue academic goals as well as life goals. However, being an intelligent person wont be the only ingredient to being successful in the big apple.
In addition to academics, one must also have outstanding social skills. The ability to verbally present yourself, can leave a superb impression on a potential employer. Excellent social skills can also construct relationships with other individuals that help open up new opportunities. Good social skills can relieve issues such as shyness and low self-esteem which can hinder success. Although having great academic credentials and outstanding communication skills there is one specific ingredient needed for this formula of success. Creativity is the key factor to bring about success. Having creativity is what makes a person stand out from every other individual who also has good social skills and academics.
With creativity, an individual can think of the invention that can lead to their success. For example Joseph Merlin of Huy, Belgium was the inventor of roller skates. However, the idea of roller skates begin to fade over the years. Later it was the creativity of Scott Olson and Brennan Olson, who thought of inline rollerblades and established a long lasting trend of the roller skate.
Although having the support of loved one is not necessary for to obtain success, it can be crucial to the momentum of your success. Loved ones can offer advice, encouragement, and motivation when an individual can feel overwhelmed with heir journey to success.
It is evident that the secret to success in New York City includes creativity, academic excellence, and support. With a city like New York which is filled with opportunity, it can be relatively easy to achieve success. It all depends and what a person sets their goal to be. Whether short term or long term goals once the aim or prose is accomplished using the key ingredients, the success is born.

Never Shy of Perfection – Evaluation of a Terrific Blog

Caswell Simpson
Professor: Mary Louise Penaz
English 2150
12 May 2009

Since the birth of the blogging era, Nuts About Southwest has gained audiences from all over the world. With spicy subject and prompt posts, Southwest heighten the amount of members and subscribers. But over the years, Southwest has noticed that it takes more than intriguing interests to keep their audience. In order to be terrific, a blog must be composed of unique voice, creative design, expert knowledge, credibility, and truthfulness.
When typing in the url for the southwest blog, the first feature noticed was the creative design. The background of the a blue sky really personalized the company’s Airline service. The design also incorporated the title of the blog. The word “nuts” in the title played a symbolic role. Being the snack served on Southwest Airlines, and the being defined as crazy. As well as a blue sky, the design had peanuts surrounding the border of its blog. This deign from southwest was good because of the incorporation of the blog and its clever roles plan with pictures and words.
Southwest is loaded with pictures as well as words. The information posted is truthful so that all subscribers would not be misled. The blog topics are posted by Southwest employees who provide reliable resources. Truthful information on Southwest blog guarantee trust between the members and the employees responsible for the blog. In addition to truthfulness bloggers must know that the information provided has been thoroughly researched.
The information on “Nuts About Southwest” is contains expert knowledge that the employees post. Most information is taken from statistics and news articles to provide backing for their information. With a designated media center, references from all reliable sources are given. Aside from the scripted blogs, there are video blogs that also provided the same if not more expert knowledge.
While browsing the Southwest blog, names of various individuals and other news company’s were printed at the bottom or side of every picture and article. The reason for having these names was to establish creditability. Creditability shows respect to the individual who provided that information. Not only is respect given but with the names posted, it markets the creditors website and blog.
These features combined portray a unique voice for the Southwest blog. Nuts about Southwest can be easily distinguished among other blogs this evaluation is the prime ingredients for a terrific blog.

The Right to Opportunity : The Disadvantages of being an Immigrant in New York City (Essay 3)

Caswell Simpson

Professor: Mary Louise Penaz

English 2150

20 April 2009

  The Right to Opportunity : 

The Disadvantages of being an Immigrant in New York City


Does a person’s race or class determine who they are or what they can achieve in life?  In New York City, many individuals have proven that hard work can yield success. However, in reality, everyone doesn’t get what they expect; some people will be more fortune than others in accomplishing their goals. Certain factors that come into play when dealing with a person’s achievement is their social class or race. As an immigrant in New York City there are many disadvantages which can hinder successful employment as opposed to natural born citizens. Because of these disadvantages there is a disproportionate percentage of successful employment  in New York City when immigrants are compared to natural born citizens.

In the book Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehremreich is an American born individual that goes undercover and starts working in minimum wage jobs within three different cities similar to New York City. During her experience she encounters multiple individuals that are immigrants and experiences their hardships working an “unskilled job. She finds that working such “unskilled jobs” is not as easy as people believe it is. She concludes that no job is for the “unskilled”, there are skills one must possess to work under such harsh conditions for example, standing for long periods of time, taking survey questioner, doing even drug test and mostly not being treated as an equal by her employer and society. Although she faced all these difficulties as an American born person, her situation would have been more of a challenge if she was a of an immigrant. Her race would have become a factor or a “problem” when it came to her obtaining the job. In America, the number of undocumented immigrants are on the rise. In year 2007 an estimated 12 million immigrants has been reported living in the Untied States. Without citizenship it can be difficult to obtain a comfortable status in America.

As an immigrant the option of health insurance would not be available to her. With not enough money to buy more nutritious foods due to low wages, there would be a greater possibility for health issues to occur. As a citizen if an injury were to occur then emergency temporary medicaid would be provided to help ease the expense for uninsured patients. Undocumented Immigrants would not have the option of temporary insurance. Therefore the expense of the medical bill would be less affordable for a natural born citizen.

In the position of an illegal immigrant who speaks a different language, a population with english-speaking citizens would be hard to communicate with. An immigrant would have to spend time learning english while balancing a busy workload. For an immigrant obtaining jobs that require speaking to others such as a waitress and a nurse. Suppose the immigrant  knew English? He or she may also encounter racial conflicts. Immigrants  would have been discriminated against as a minority. Employers who discriminate against Immigrants would offer lower wages making it even more difficult to make ends meet. Other employers may not even hire immigrants at all. 

To avoid residential expenses an immigrant can be granted with the luxury of staying at a friend or family member’s  apartment. An immigrant would not have had any friends or family to stay with if he or she is the first to be outside of their native country. He or she would search for a place to live as well as find a new job. Other expenses that can occur while obtaining a job is the application process. The process takes a toll on time, patience, and money. Time was requires to travel from site to site and take drug tests for the application process. Money, was required to pay for the drug tests. As an immigrant, all the disadvantages mentioned will make the application process even more of a hassle. Immigrants are faced with multiple challenges, and despite their obstacles they still manage to become successfully employed.



























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The Quintessential Canal to the Liberty Bay (Essay 2)

Caswell Simpson

Professor: Mary Louise Penaz

English 2150

6 April 2009

The year 1982 sparked one of the most quintessential places in New York City, The Intrepid sea, air and space museum. With an average of 750,000 people a year in attendance, people from various backgrounds can experience their own piece and New York City and its layers here. In full appearance as a USS aircraft carrier, the intrepid speaks for itself as a national landmark  This museum caters to both tourists and New Yorkers from an educational, historical, inspirational, cultural, and personal perspective. 

Educational, the intrepid offers a patriotic perspective of how the citizen of the country fought to maintain freedom. People from all parts of the city enjoy learning about the purpose of the USS aircraft carrier as well as the exhibits and artifacts the Intrepid houses. The facility has surrendered itself to provided day camps and educational programs for students.  When I attended Camp Intrepid, I was exposed to a layer of New York City. A layer that speaks to the heart of every person who travels to the city and symbolizes this nations patriotic pride. The symbolic whimpers of nationalism can sink inspiration to the everyday New Yorker.

Each exhibit at the Intrepid contains details that tell a story. With each story packed with a reason of the exhibits importance, the readers are likely to become overwhelmed with inspiration. The importance of the exhibits makes what the Intrepid is today. Before attending Camp Intrepid, I took a tour on the museum. Every story that went along with the exhibit inspired me to pursue more information that the Intrepid had in store. I walked the museum delighted to explore the facility. After leaving the Intrepid I was truly convinced that this was a thrilling place that was quintessential to New York City.

Founded by Zachary Fisher, the Intrepid was created to honor the nation’s heroes. Saved from a scrap yard, its historic lifestyle was preserved in order to become a great museum. Now that this museum is a subway ride away for New Yorker’s, it’s historic treasure  will be accessible. The comfort that I feel when I stroll of the deck of the USS Intrepid is provided by the heroes that are honored due to this museum. The Intrepid encompasses historic monuments of World War II. But, in its own lifetime the USS took time out to be renovated in 2006 . Once the renovation was completed the Intrepid took her place at home in New York City, to continue to embrace us with her historic value.

Culturally, the USS Intrepid connect to New york City, and visitors from other countries. For New Yorkers, this museum adapts the role of a cultural landmark. The information at the museum can educate New Yorkers about our nation’s heroes. When a tourist attend the museum for the first time, not only are they expose to the historical content but they are also inspired by the countries gratitude to honor their heroes. Once these individuals leave from the museum, they are stamped with a personal experience is now part of their own New York.

For the 27 years that the USS Intrepid Museum has been in place, I can proudly vocalize my outstanding experience. I was about 10 years old when I travel to the museum with my family. At first I was disappointed that I was forced to leave my house and go on this family trip. But when my father eased his car up to the pier, my eyes were lit with excitement desperately aspiring to go inside. I leaped out of the car and ran ahead leaving my father behind to park the car. Once we were reunited, we could not believe such a wonderful experience was this close to home. We sat down to wait for the tour guide to organize the group.  at the point I could feel the adrenaline rushing throughout my body, knowing that I was in for an adventure. 

Being on the ships deck I smelled the water from the pier, and saw the seagulls that flew above my head. But the sight of sound of the irrelevant surroundings did not affect me at all. I was caught up in the rushing experience. The exhibits and their illustrious stories, provided a first hand playback several historic events. The nation’s culture exposed before my eyes provided inspiration for me to educate myself about this country as well as New York City. The long staircases to move from deck to deck made my feet weary and the suns runs pelting down on the ships deck had it extremely humid and difficult to see. But, despite it all The The Intrepid sea, air and space museum, made all the offsets worth being there.

Essay 2 Paragraph

     The year 1982 sparked one of the most quintessential places in New York City, The Intrepid sea, air and

space museum. With an average of 750,000 people a year in attendance, people from various backgrounds

can experience the a piece and New York City and its layers here. In full appearance of as a USS aircraft

carrier, the intrepid speaks for itself as a national landmark  This museum caters to both tourists and New

Yorkers from an educational, historical, inspirational,

cultural, and personal perspective.

“Love for the Heart of the City”

Caswell Simpson

Professor: Mary Louise Penaz

English 2150

9 March 2009

                                    “Love for the Heart of the City”

My specific route that sparks an ongoing experience for me is walking from Baruch College to Union Square. After a long day loaded with school work, I find it most relaxing to embrace this wonderful city by walking down Lexington & 23rd street to 14th street – Union Square. This particular journey creates a quintessential New York experience by bringing together different aspects of New York culture.

From the perspective of a tourist, New Yorkers may give off an impression that their surroundings mean nothing to them. From their bumps and shoves, to their aggressive speed, only with the destination in mind. Often the relationship between walking and thinking can open up an interactive experience with your surroundings. 

Walking to Union Square creates a thrilling rush. While walking each city block is loaded with several attractions that catch my eyes. From fast food restaurants to fine cuisine, but the anticipation of entering my own private New York City awaits just nine blocks ahead. What creates the thrilling rush isn’t the actual Journey but it is the lack of expectations at Union Square.The anticipation hightens midway. I start to reminisce my childhood when my mother used to pull up to the parking lot of Toys “R” Us. Suddenly, the tiresome  journey that once lacked it luster excites me and forces me to walk faster. My body begins to feel numb ,disregarding the pain my legs feel from walking. Eventually, I reach within two blocks of Union Square and I can already hear the uproars of everyday New Yorkers among the car horns. Desperate to join them, my curiosity draws me within footsteps of the city’s heartbeat. Once I enter into the square of excitement, I am bombarded with flyers and pamphlets. Finally, my curiosity is laid to rest only to rise again the next time. 

Union Square always attracts different individuals regardless of the weather. Union Square is a popular spot for organizations and groups looking to raise awareness for a cause.  The Farmers Market which premiers seasonally, is a hot spot for New York State as well as New York City rooftop farmers to get together and sell their crops. The Market sets up shop there because as local farmers they are concerned with gaining the support of the local public. Union Square, although it is filled with stores such as Forever 21, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks and other popular stores caters mostly to the needs of in-state residents as oppose to out of state tourists. Other groups visit Union Square to find participants that will engage in psychological studies as well as join groups that allow people to screen movies. Union Square is a key locations for political activists and other groups to come and make speeches. 

After every visit to Union Square a take a slice of the City with me. On many occasions I leave with a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables, provided by local farmers. If my stomach is already satisfied, then I leave Union Square with a new opportunity to engage into an issue that concerns New Yorkers and help to something positive regarding that issue. But after every visit a smile and a mindful of memories is taken back home only to be repeated soon again.

After living in the city for all of my life, this journey still manages to reconnect me to who I am. This journey exposes me to the lifestyle of everyday New Yorkers with vast cultures, which I would have not known existed.

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